Raw food – essential tools

19 Oct

Yes, I am still on raw food and…  I LOVE IT  !!!!  No, I don’t miss cooked food, I don’t miss being tired and moody all the time, like I was before. I don’t miss being bloated like a balloon and for sure I don’t miss meat. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat, I still do. I just do not like how it feels and sits weeks in my stomach after I eat it, so I choose very consciously to stay away from meat, dairy and other cooked foods. I have such a variety of delicious truly nutritious foods as much as I want daily, so that I never have time to even miss the old unhealthy cooked food. For all those who keep asking me “ohhhh and what about proteins”, WHAT ABOUT PROTEINS !!! Most people don’t even know what proteins are, yet they rave about proteins they think are missing in raw food. Give me a break. I have plenty of proteins in my daily diet. Nobody needs meat for proteins really. Read a bit before talking. Sorry, I just get so annoyed getting these wide-eyed looks when people hear I am on raw food. The next thing I hear is, I couldn’t be on raw food I need hot meals….. I have hot meals, dahhhhh, just not cooked. I have soups, I have quiche, I even have pizza, 40 degrees is a hot meal or do you need it any hotter?

Being on a raw food diet is my choice, it’s not an easy thing, I will not lie about it, it takes a great deal of coordination, learning, reading, preparing, shopping. I did many courses, spent a LOT of money on workshops, books, bought several kitchen machines. Yes, you really have to invest! BUT !!! It is the best investment you will do in your life and worth every penny and every minute spent learning how to do it right! They key is the balance. You need to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need daily. You can’t just eat raw and think that is it. Not so easy. I have read, studied and tried it out on myself now for almost a year, I have never felt and looked better, as simple as that! It is not about weight loss anymore at all (though I am very happy about this side-effect).
For me, it is a pleasure being on raw food. It feels natural, it is healthy, I feel great, how can it be wrong? I always have loved cooking and preparing delicious food for my family, I still do, only now, much healthier, knowing I am giving a wonderful base of nutrition to them. My baby is not entirely on raw food, but I am giving her only healthy food. NO SUGARS – no bought food, no treats (they are the worst). I prepare everything myself, chocolate, cookies, cakes and ice creams, all home made where I know what is in there. Example for my babies breakfast is mango, avocado, buckwheat sprouted cereal, coconut butter, raw banana bread. Now when I say raw, it does not mean its is a raw bread, as dough …. raw means that is has not been heated over 40 degrees, but I do dehydrate it in my dehydrator, so it’s basically just like a backed banana bread, only with all the vitamins and enzymes and its so healthy that it is a pleasure watching her eat it. She also loves sprouts and chia, goji beers, all the superfoods as Maca, Lucuma, she gets it all. I can see the difference how often other children are sick in her kindergarten compared to her. This is all thanks to the healthy food I give her.

raw lasagne
This is my raw lasagne. Da-li-shioooos!!! This is what I learned in my last course from one of the world’s best raw food Chefs James Russell from London. Now I am about to finish my raw chocolate course with the great Amy Levin, the best raw chocolatier in the world. Imagine, doing my own raw delicious chocolate in my own kitchen, being able to eat chocolate without a guilt trip.

Here are the essentials if you want to go raw and enjoy it:

Vitamix_Green-Smoothie# 1 Vitamix – Blender.
This is the number one tool in my kitchen. I am in love with my Vitamix, couldn’t live without it anymore. Seriously! I use it daily and even several times a day. Cost around 600 Euro and is so worth every penny. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but don’t think you are smarter than everyone else and get a cheaper one, in the end you will buy a Vitamix anyway. So if you really want to make it right and make it a pleasure, get the Vitamix, don’t bullshit around. There are other brands like Blendtec and others, but all over the world, all the expert raw- foodiest and famous Chefs have the Vitamix. This speaks for itself. I have seen the Blendtec in action and I cant tell the Vitamix is better. I can only recommend this powerful bulldozer, it will change your life!

What I do in my Vitamix: green smoothies  ice cream, chocolate, nut butters, spreads, soups, flours, lots of baby food.

# 2 Juicers

This is my titanic, the “green star elite”. Titanic because it is huge and heavy, so better find a good place for it in the kitchen. You will not want to go for a walk with it. Price is about 600 Euro, best on the market for green juices and wheat grass. greenstarelite I buy organic greens they are expensive, so I do want to get the maximum juice. The pulp is so dry and I make veggie burgers from it. Cleaning it is a bit of a pain but not more than 5 minutes and i think it is a worthwhile investment for your health. It has special magnets in the stainless steel juicers that makes the juice fresh and no loss of vitamins even if stored up to 24 hours in the fridge. Which is great as I can do my juice in the evenings for the next day, as I don’t have time in the mornings to deal with that.


This one below is my favorite juicer, I use now daily, clap your hands for my brand new little friend          “OMEGA VRT 402 HD” the Omega is tiny, does not take much space, is great, clean in 2 minutes, a dream. Price 450 Euro.

omegaThis is a slow vertical juicer, means you need to cut your fruits and veggies real tiny because it has a small feeder on top. Don’t let this discourage you, it is one minute extra work for a fantastic juice. You need to know how to deal with this little fellow. The first day I did it all wrong, but so wrong, that I thought of returning the juicer. I than watched a video on youtube “omega VRT best practice” and from that day I am having a blast with this one! It makes almond milk in a minute, fantastic. I actually bought it for the almond milk, but I use it for all my juices now. I can really recommend this one. Before I used my Vitamix for the almond milk, but than you have to strain it through a nut milk bag, which is a bit of a pain and time consuming. Here you make your almond milk without getting your hands dirty basically.

To compare the two juicers: the green star elite, is of course superior to this one, the quality of juice is by far better as there is no pulp in the juice at all and no need to use a strainer. Of course the green star is also 200 euro more expensive and you always get what you pay for. However, I still would prefer now having both of them, the omega because it’s faster, smaller and so easy to clean. Downside I have to use a strainer before putting the juice into my containers after juicing, one extra step, but not a big deal in my opinion.

# 3 Food processor

This is a professional food processor. I consider myself a Chef in my own kitchen, so why not having all the right toys?!! I use the food processor a lot. I use it for chopping veggies for salad, dough, cake bases, nut flour, pesto, ice creams, creams and spreads. Cost 400 Euro, also worth every penny. Very powerful and quiet (compared to the Vitamix) it has a great advantage that it has 3 nested containers, that means you don’t need to wash them as you go if you need several rounds. Very easy to clean, I can highly recommend it. I couldn’t do may of my foods without it. I know people get confused, and ask me, well can’t you make those things in the Vitamix? Nope ! Vitamix is a blender and this is a food processor with an S Blade, like a left and a right shoe, similar but yet very different my friends.

# 4 Dehydrator

dehydr This is my Sedona dehydrator. The number one is the excalibur dehydrator in the US, the sedona is a german made and I choose it because it has a glas front and a  digital timer you can program. This appealed to me, so I   can leave it on over night without a worry. I used it a lot in the beginning, now a bit less, but still I use it for dehydrating my grains and sprouts. I bake my crusts and breads, cookies, crackers and everything. I use it also to heat up food because I do not use the microwave anymore, I don’t want any radiation in my food. cost around 300 euro. It is really great for snacks, you can dehydrate fruits and veggies and have always available healthy snacks on the go for you.

I you are on a tight budget and only can afford one thing, I would get the Vitamix to start with. By the way, all these kitchen machines you can get in monthly installments, no need to rob a bank for it. 

If you have questions, drop me a line !
Yours rawly,


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3 responses to “Raw food – essential tools

  1. Purely Nutritious

    October 20, 2013 at 3:42 am

    That looks amazing!

  2. katri

    October 20, 2013 at 7:28 am

    Love to see you so excited and happy and with this new way of living! so so very happy for you! all you need anymore is meditation :D that is what I am into these days :D! Miss you, we need to skype soon! love ya! k.

  3. dispatchinglife

    October 20, 2013 at 7:30 am

    So so very happy for your new found love and lust for life and health! can I recommend meditating? :D that is what I am so into these days! miss you loads! gotta skype soon dear, loads of hugs, k.


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