We eat with our eyes

13 Feb

All this first impression…, and looks count bla bla bla, really works for me. Some may say it’s superficial and shallow, but I insist, I am eating with my eyes. It’s all about presentation!
I have noticed it many times. If the food is presented beautifully, to me it already tastes good even before I start eating; this of course works vise-versa. Even if the most delicious food is just dumped on an ugly plate, I already don’t like it. I wish I could say I even loose my appetite, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen.

Why am I telling you all this? Today me and my 3 dear friends (all big time food lovers, especially one, and I will not say which one) decided to treat ourselves at work, least once a month, we go to the restaurant for lunch. It is a real fancy restaurant for the diplomats. Not that we want to mingle with diplomats, no, but at least they know where the good food is, especially since they are not paying for it :).
So the four of us sitting in this fancy restaurant, chatting and giggling happily. I am telling my friends how I love it when food is presented beautifully, and that there are special “food designers” where their only job is to decorate food and style up a dish… speaking of it, I said: mmm, how I love the desserts in this place, they are all so beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get my plate of dessert.
I have ordered “trio of chocolate mousse canche”, and mmm, already the sound of it is mouth watering, right? All excited, I see the waiter from a distance approaching our table with my plate; I take my little fork ready to stab in …. and then I get this … :


… now you tell me… what the f*** was the Chef la cuisine thinking when he arranged a plate of delicious 3 types of chocolate mousse like that ???? We all burst out in laughter!!!
Couldn’t he (must have been a HE… I doubt a woman would dump something on a plate like that!!).
At least arrange it differently… in circles or god knows how… but not like that!

Anyway, the other lesson I have learned today was, that not everything that looks like sh** – tastes like it. It can still be a wonderful delight, as this dessert was meant to be, and it was delicious, honestly, I had to stop myself from licking the plate. I will for sure order it again but beg the waiter to ask to arrange it not so art-deco this time please.

This was my treat for the day, I will not have dinner for the rest of my life (just kidding) and I will work out tonight I promise :)

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One response to “We eat with our eyes

  1. dispatchinglife

    February 13, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    This is sooo hilarious!! You should have sent the plate back with a huge questionmark and your what the f*** note! :D do it next time and let me know what the chef replies! you made my day! thanks dear!


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