Russian Invasion to Helsinki

08 Jan

Photos from Helsinki – January 2013

This year started smoothly, accompanied by a wonderful lingering feeling of positive CHANGE for 2013. I can’t help but feel it in my gut, that this year will be a fantastic one!!! This year my baby became a toddler and can stay with Daddy a couple of days. I feel relieved, as a consequence my wanderlust kicked in as expected when my baby turned 1 years old. The same happened with my 2 other children. I cannot separate from my babies even for one day while they are younger than one year, but after that, I allow myself to withdraw and take a bit of time for myself. Not one second goes by without missing them to bits – but still I need a few days for myself – and I don’t feel guilty about it and enjoy every moment when I am away. I am lucky to have a supportive husband as well.

No, this is not Moses walking on water …. it is a finish Fisherman on the frozen sea

Russian Invasion to Helsinki

My first trip in 2013 was to Helsinki, Finland to visit my dear friend K. We worked together for 7 years. I was terribly sad when she left and went back to her hometown in Finland.  Sometimes leaving is the only solution, often there is an “end of the road”. Her work here slowly but steadily sucked out all the life and creativity from within her. She  used to be such a happy gal with a loud laugh that could fill up a room, with shiny beautiful enormous blue eyes. A shitty boss can seriously turn your world upside down. I am so proud of her for having  the courage to leave this very well paid job of ours (though ungrateful and demanding to a point it leaves some people here burned out and empty). A good salary is not everything, and not for everybody to take crap from others.
My friend was smart enough to understand that if  she stayed, she will only become more and more miserable with nothing to anticipate.
I was so happy to find in Helsinki my old friend full of life and laughter, her eyes filled with hope for a good future. Yes, it takes courage, but the reward is worth the risk. I arrived in Helsinki around 4 in the afternoon and it was already dark. We took the bus to the city center where our Hotel was only a short walk in the brisk cold wind. The hotel is right by the sea which was entirely frozen. I was so amazed and excited to see a man sitting on the ice and fishing for hours in the cold. I wish I had a bigger lens to capture more of their faces and expressions, but a 70-200 is just not enough on a full frame. This trip was to relax and have a good weekend in good company. I was not aiming to see all museums and tourist attractions, this I will leave for the summer.
For sure I will return soon.For this weekend we, the two luxus-bitches as we are, booked ourselves in the Hilton, 2 nights 5 stars all the way … or so we  thought….what we didn’t know was that half a million Russians had invaded Helsinki, it was the Russian Christmas, so remember that – and make sure – not to visit any capital city at that time! Breakfast in the hotel was as if it was a matter of life and death. Russians – everywhere – they were filling up their plates with towers of toasted bread, no joke, like 14 pieces of bread carried to the table, as if there is no tomorrow. Breakfast plates at the buffet were empty, the staff were running back and forth attempting to replace the empty with full plates even though it lasted only a few minutes. They were pushing from all the sides at the buffet, we were totally baffled. We were shocked! The ordeal continued and was even worse in the sauna. What is better than to relax in a real Finnish sauna. We arrived to the 8th floor of the hotel with high expectations for relaxation, but no such luck. The sauna was tiny and also full of Russian ladies, we barley found a space to sit.
 Like every first night in a new place is a sleepless one. We could have talked all night, like school girls tired from the long day and excitement, we kept saying “good night” and after 2 minutes of silence we started talking again ;).We were lucky, as this week was a exceptional Light show all over the city. One good example is the white church were this light spectacle took place.

The weather was also not too bad, luckily I was all geared up, I bought especially for this trip a down jacket from “”, and Jack Wolfskin special snow tracking boots, a dream! I would not have survived without this cold weather without them. We walked a lot (for me it was a lot…). Helsinki has excellent coffee. My friend said that Finland is the number one coffee drinking nation and Ice cream consumer … who would have thought. I found the prices compared to Vienna extremely expensive even more than UK or Switzerland.We visited cozy Cafe’s and good restaurants, even had dinner in one of the 50 best restaurants in Finland, but remember – below 50 euro for one person the music even doesn’t start playing.
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One response to “Russian Invasion to Helsinki

  1. Naama

    January 9, 2013 at 6:54 am

    Good for you darling! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful pictures !
    Keep writing
    Love you


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